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EXCLUSIVE STONE Specializing in Quartz Countertops Naperville, Granite Countertops Naperville, Marble Countertops Naperville & Surrounding Areas

23 Years of Expert Stone Countertop Remodeling and Installation

Exclusive Stone, Inc. is a custom stone countertop fabricator serving chicagoland clients since 2000.

The company is specializing in design, fabrication and installation of high quality stone products in various colors and styles.


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Unrivaled Stone Countertops Naperville

Our main goal is to give complete satisfaction with our services.

Spice up your home or office with your high-end stones from our company. We spruce up kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces with installation of stones with utmost perfection and aesthetic for your workplace, home or business by fabricating all sorts of quartz available out there.


We deal with premium quartz dealers and help you find the right stone for your business or home. Our range of contacts helps us find the most exquisite and rarest of quartz to ensure the highest aesthetic pleasure. We will install your desired stone within a week from order so that you get to enjoy your beautiful stone as soon as possible. We display high professionalism at all times.

Call us today for available discounts or schedule your free consultation right away!

From Stone Countertops Naperville to Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops Naperville- We Do It All

Quartz Countertops Naperville

We have the most exquisite stones with high durability and a plethora of colors to choose from with our quartz countertops in Naperville. They are convenient and low maintenance and can handle all the cooking you can throw at it. Contact us today to get the best deals available in-store!

Quartzite Countertops Naperville

Our quartzite countertops in Naperville are available at your nearest outlet with an excellent stain-resistant and non-porous finish. Every countertop is fabricated meticulously to be beautiful and serve its purpose with ease. Our countertops are installable everywhere in your home. Visit our countertop store in Naperville to explore your options.

Granite Countertops Naperville

Our granite countertops in Naperville come with high sustainability and heat resistance for ensured safety and convenience. Our granite kitchen countertops can handle all kitchen work while staying in their pristine condition. We also install granite bathroom countertops in Naperville so feel free to contact us at your own convenience.

Marble Countertops Naperville

Our stone countertops in Naperville come for both the bathroom and kitchen, and come at very affordable prices. Our marble countertops from Naperville come with aesthetically pleasing designs which perfectly accentuate any home interior in general. Our marble countertops do not absorb heat so they stay cool at all times.

Kitchen Countertops Naperville

Our kitchen countertops in Naperville might just be the perfect addition to spice up your dull and monotonous kitchen. We offer beautiful and pristine countertops at Naperville that greatly enhance the environment of your home. Our contractors are happy to assist with your project. We look forward to your call!

Bathroom Countertops Naperville

Our affordable bathroom countertops in Naperville will make your showers feel relaxing with their visuals and have that premium 5-star vibe. Our bathroom countertop in Naperville opens space for you to accessorize it. Plus our addition of complimentary ornaments and trinkets will give that premium feel minus the expensive cost.

Custom Countertops Naperville

If our ready-made countertops in Naperville are not what you are looking for then our expert contractors specializing in custom countertops from Naperville are at your disposal. They will build your dream countertop from scratch and install it at your home. Give us a call and see our services today!

Outdoor Countertops Naperville

Do not miss our latest trending outdoor countertops in Naperville! Our team of expert contractors is well skilled with customizable outdoor countertops for Naperville homes. Our contractors are at your service to work on any stone countertop project you have in mind so call us now for an expert consultation!

One-Year Warranty on All Our Exceptional Stone Products.

Why Choose Our Quartzite Countertops Naperville & Granite Countertops Naperville?

Experienced Countertop Store

Naperville Locals Trust

Our clients’ testimonials over the span of 20 years of being in business show that we have the most experienced contractors in work to this day. Our contractors will help you in finding and installing your preferred countertop in Naperville with beautiful craftsmanship. Contact us today for a countertop revamp!

Warranty for All Stone

Countertops Chicago

Our quartz and granite countertops in Naperville are sturdy and durable for kitchen and  bathroom installation with a one-year plus warranty. So update your bathroom and kitchen aesthetics with our countertops in Naperville today! We will be at your service and guide you through finding and installing the best countertop.

Only The Best
Quality Stones

We offer only premium-grade countertops from Naperville for a beautiful and sturdy surface that will last long. Our bathroom countertops in Naperville and kitchen countertops are made locally by expert craftsmen who work meticulously. If you want a revamp for your kitchen or bathroom, call us and enjoy our services.

Custom Countertops Chicago Need

We have a wide range of different countertops to choose from but also offer custom countertops in Naperville when you cannot find the one you are looking for. Share your project ideas with us and help us design your countertop catered to your desired requirements. Call us at any time!



Friendly Customer Service

Our customer service is one of our top priorities and we intend to maintain a friendly relation with our client for any questions and queries. We will give you the best granite bathroom countertops in Naperville with sturdy long-lasting design. Feel free to call us to connect with our team.


Professional Approach

We have a precise approach with our services. Our contractors offer top-notch craftsmanship for granite, quartz, and marble countertops around Naperville. No matter the countertop you want, you can be sure to receive your countertop with exquisite workmanship. We provide professional installation. So wait no longer and order yours now! 

Check our Top Countertop Naperville Materials

When planning for home improvements like kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovation, one of the most important decisions you have to make is choosing materials like a kitchen countertop. Exclusive Stone in Naperville has a lot of options when it comes to top countertop materials. The ease of maintenance, availability of vibrant colors, durability, and uniqueness of the individual slab are some of the things you have to consider when choosing a countertop. We have listed some of the top countertops to help you decide which one is best for you. 



Quartz Countertop Naperville


Quartz Countertop is becoming more popular for homeowners and designers in Naperville and other cities because of its benefits. Since it is a man-made or engineered stone, they are made up of 90% quartz and ten binding polymers and pigments that make quartz exceptionally hard and durable. Its durability makes this a great countertop where you can bang down pots, knives, pans, cups, and plates. It is also resistant to scratches, stains, and chips. 


Granite Countertops Naperville


A granite countertop is a beautiful investment that can increase the value of your home. Granite material resists heat. This is ideal to use when placed near a range or cooktop. You can set down hot pans, unlike other material that easily gets damaged when exposed to heat. When properly sealed, granite countertops won’t absorb any liquid or stains. Our expert at Exclusive Stone in Naperville will ensure correct installation to make sure that you are satisfied and you can enjoy your countertop for many years. 

Marble Countertops Naperville


Marble countertop is created from sedimentary dolomite or limestone rock through a natural process. That is why, no matter how much stone material tries to copy it, no one can mimic the unique appearance of marble. This countertop is affordable compared to other stone countertops, but it is extremely durable and does not require too much care. The timeless elegance that marble can give compliments well with any decor or style. 



Your Trusted Quartz and All Natural Stone Fabricator

We're a certified fabricator for various quartz brands, including: