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EXCLUSIVE STONE Specializing in Quartz Countertops Aurora, Granite Countertops Aurora, Marble Countertops Aurora & Surrounding Areas

23 Years of Expert Stone Countertop Remodeling and Installation

Exclusive Stone, Inc. is a custom stone countertop fabricator serving chicagoland clients since 2000.

The company is specializing in design, fabrication and installation of high quality stone products in various colors and styles.


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Unrivaled Stone Countertops Aurora

We provide captivating stone countertops in Aurora that ease your everyday living.

Make your home or office better than ever with our wide choices of countertops from Aurora for your bathroom or kitchen needs. We provide brilliant results for your home improvement ranging from fireplace installation to kitchen renovations. Find our gorgeous countertop selections at our countertop store around Aurora. Explore endless possibilities when you have your countertop custom-made by us.

Our strong partnership with the best suppliers in the area has garnered us the trust of many clients. We can recreate your countertop peg or make a completely new one with your own design in mind. We process orders within a week’s time and we perform the installation ourselves. With a team of professionals like ours, expect the best quality of custom countertops in Aurora!

Enjoy FREE estimates when you consult us. We offer discounts on select countertops for Aurora. Call us today!

From Stone Countertops Aurora to Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops Aurora - We Do It All

Quartz Countertops Aurora

Our quartz countertops in Aurora are bound with the strongest stones in the market to give you a durable surface that surpasses your longevity expectations. It is a great alternative for our granite countertops in Aurora but nonetheless offers the same generous volume of choices regarding colors, cuts, and textures.

Quartzite Countertops Aurora

We take pride in the strong and durable composition of our quartzite countertops in Aurora. This provides a spacious surface whether for your kitchen or bathroom needs. It has a long-lasting built that you can trust to serve you well for years to come. Visit our countertop store in Aurora!

Granite Countertops Aurora

Our granite countertops in Aurora are built to last a lifetime with their heavy-duty construction and anti-scratch surfaces. They will hold up your things well, whether you plan on having them installed in your kitchen or in your bathroom. They have easy upkeep maintenance that effectively reduces your cleaning time.

Marble Countertops Aurora

Many clients choose our marble countertops in Aurora, thanks to their affordability and a wide choice of designs. Marble countertops are popular among construction supply stores, including our countertop store in Aurora. They are easily accessible and can instantly give your kitchen or bathroom an aesthetic boost. Consult us today!

Kitchen Countertops Aurora

Sometimes all you need to do to give your kitchen a spin is by installing kitchen countertops in Aurora that perfectly match the rest of the room. Our contractors are experts in providing clean, fresh, and sturdy countertops in Aurora for your satisfaction. Get in touch with our contractors today!

Bathroom Countertops Aurora

The right bathroom countertops in Aurora can surely liven up your space without doing too much work. Our contractors can be trusted with the timely delivery of the project within a reasonable budget that you can afford. Whether you want a minimalist aesthetic or a hotel-like ambiance, we can deliver.

Custom Countertops Aurora

Choosing the best among the available countertops in Aurora laid in front of you can be stressful, but not when you have our contractors helping you! In fact, we offer custom countertops in Aurora to design your countertop according to your exact preference. From thickness to patterns, you can decide.

Outdoor Countertops Aurora

Beyond the walls of your home, we explore the possibilities outside by offering outdoor countertops in Aurora. We love helping homeowners spruce up their homes in creative and functional ways. Feel free to choose from our pre-designed countertops or have one exclusively crafted for you. Share your ideas with us!

One-Year Warranty on All Our Exceptional Stone Products.

Why Choose Our Quartzite Countertops Aurora & Granite Countertops Aurora?

Experienced Countertop

Store Aurora Residents Trust

In the 20 years of our operation, we have ventured into various services surrounding home improvements and built our specialties based on the works we do best. Among local traditional companies, we stay true to our quality standards. And this is what makes us the preferred countertop store in Aurora.


Warranty for All Stone

Countertops Aurora

From our granite bathroom countertops to marble kitchen countertops in Aurora, our products are built to last. We assure clients of our quality work by providing a one-year warranty and ensuring lasting outdoor countertops to quartz bathroom countertops in Aurora. Our contractors find passion in providing clients with satisfying countertops. 

Only The Best
Quality Stones

Our company is known for being meticulous with the countertops in Aurora we offer to local residents. We also impress commercial property owners who are looking for an upgrade in their establishments. We are the #1 countertop store in Aurora offering premium-grade kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops for everyday use.

Custom Countertops Aurora Needs

When none of our pre-designed countertops in Aurora spark your interest, having your countertop custom-designed is always a great choice. We have the most brilliant contractors in our company who can sit down with you and discuss your preferences. We deliver custom orders on time and install them with efficiency.


Friendly Customer Service

Our contractors are approachable individuals who can readily accommodate your questions and concerns before the actual work is started. We treat our clients like family, so expect the best treatment from us when you hire us for your quartz kitchen countertops installation in Aurora. Call us to book an appointment.


Professional Approach

Our contractors are well-equipped and trained to perform each task with professionalism under any circumstances. We remain composed even in the most stress-inducing situations. Our work ethic is what makes us a great company in the local area. Most importantly, we execute every project with passion. Contact our team today!

Check our Top Countertop Aurora Materials

The first step to a functional and beautiful kitchen is choosing kitchen countertops that suit your lifestyle. Your countertop will be the main event and backdrop in your kitchen. That is where you prepare and cook food, so the materials you choose will matter and add a lot to the overall value of your home.  Exclusive Stone in Aurora has listed some of our top countertop materials to help you decide which material is perfect for your style and lifestyle. 



Quartz Countertops Aurora


Quartz countertop is popular because of its many good qualities, such as attractive appearance and durability. The manufacturing process of this countertop allows a wide range of colors that you will find in natural stones like marble or granite. Engineered stone is rich and luxurious and has the same durability as concrete and granite. Quartz countertops will last a lifetime and longer if taken care of. 




Granite Countertops Aurora


The first thing that you will think of when you hear the word granite countertop is its beauty and value. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, having a granite countertop will increase the value of your home. Granite countertop is a big investment, but its number of advantages over the materials make them worth the price. Granite is more durable than other materials and stands up well to regular wear and tear. Because it is a hard material, cutting on it can damage your knife, but not your counters.

Marble Countertop Aurora


A marble countertop has a subtle sheen that evokes an air of elegance and adds timeless ambiance to any kitchen. There are many materials that try to copy marble, but nothing can mimic the original marble. Marble costs less than other stone countertop materials, but it can resist scratching, breaking, and cracking. Marble is softer than other materials, so it is possible to add attractive design elements like fancy edges that will fit your style during the fabrication process.


Your Trusted Quartz and All Natural Stone Fabricator

We're a certified fabricator for various quartz brands, including: